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Architecture of Kharkov

Kharkov1654 is officially recognized as the date of the Kharkov city foundation. The monument to the founder Kharko is located on the crossing of two central avenues of the city.

At present Kharkov is one of the largest industrial, scientific and cultural centers of Ukraine. The area of modern Kharkov is more than 300 square  kilometers. The city is subdivided into 9 administrative areas. The population is more than 1,5 million people. More than 250 industrial enterprises are located in the city. The leading part belongs to the machine-building, metal-working, food and light industries and manufacture of building materials. Besides, there exist enterprises of the chemical and medical industries.Kharkov is the large city of railway, automobile and air communications. There is an international airport in the city. The underground has been operating since 1975 in Kharkov. At present it consists of three branches with 28 stations. Kharkov is an important scientific and cultural center of Ukraine. The are about 200 secondary schools and 26 higher educational establishment in the city. A lot of scientific and design organizations operate in Kharkov.The are more than 200 libraries in the city. The largest of them are Korolenko and library of the Kharkov National University. There exist a philharmonic society, a circus, 6 professional theaters and about 40 museums, among which are such  well-known as Kharkov historical and Kharkov art museums.

The main square of Kharkov - the square of Freedom - is the second in Europe in area extent. It is surrounded with buildings of the regional administration, Kharkov National University of Karazin, House of State Industry. Walking along the central Sumskaya street, you can see many points of interest. They are: the Mirror Stream, the Wedding Palace, Lysenko opera house, Gorky park and the monument of Taras Shevchenko, which is considered to be the best monument to the Ukrainian national poet in the World.

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