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Our shop assortment includes various souvenirs made by the best Ukrainian craftsmen. In the shop «Ukrainian Souvenirs» you can find work of art which will be wonderful gift for any event.

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Ukrainian painted eggs (easter eggs, pysanki)

Ukrainian painted eggs Ukrainian painted eggs are one of the oldest kinds of amateur and folk arts. Painted eggs were given as a wish of prosperity, success and gladness. They symbolized demonstration of love and they were presented to the friends and relatives. Painted eggs were traditionally decorated at the time of Lent before Easter. Hence they are called “Easter eggs”. Painted eggs were sanctified and sometimes they were not eaten. They were being kept at least a year up to the next Easter. There are lots of signs and sayings concerned with painted eggs. For instance, if someone wanted to emphasis on smb’s beauty he said: “Beautiful like painted egg”. Painted egg is not just a souvenir it bears high energy. It should be painted only by person being in a good mood and with good wishes.

The shop “Ukrainian Souvenirs” offers a wide range of modern Ukrainian painted eggs made in different styles using various technologies. Besides traditional Ukrainian traceries you can buy painted eggs with images of Ukrainian architecture and images of Saints.