Українські сувеніри

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Our shop assortment includes various souvenirs made by the best Ukrainian craftsmen. In the shop «Ukrainian Souvenirs» you can find work of art which will be wonderful gift for any event.

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Embroidery is one of the oldest ways to decorate clothes and household stuff. Nowadays Ukrainian embroidery is complicated many-sided phenomenon, which develops in the field of traditional amateur art activities. Until now embroidered towel hasn’t lost its significance in private life. Nowadays accommodation interiors, altars and icons are decorated by it. It remains attribute of national customs and ceremonies.

Embroidered towel was used as a stretcher to carry newborn to cross as well as to attend a funeral. There is a large assortment of various hand-made embroideries produced by modern Ukrainian craftsmen in the shop “Ukrainian Souvenirs”. Everyone can select embroidery according to event, interior or state of mind.

Embroidered shirt is one of the oldest clothing elements with many variants of cut and figuration. In the shop “Ukrainian Souvenirs” you will find colorful festive embroidered shirts as well as day-to-day shirts and blouses which are made from the linen of different styles. Each even exacting customer can select elegant exclusive embroidery for himself or for his relatives, friends and colleagues.

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