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Our shop assortment includes various souvenirs made by the best Ukrainian craftsmen. In the shop «Ukrainian Souvenirs» you can find work of art which will be wonderful gift for any event.

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National symbolism

Ukrainian national symbolism has been developing for thousands years. It is one of the richest and most interesting symbolic systems of humanity. Such well-known symbol as trident is a key to its understanding. Trident symbolize group of three life-giving energies such as Wisdom, Knowledge and Love (or Fire, Water and Life). Apart from the fact that Trident functions as the state and religious symbol, it also plays a role of mascot for  Ukraine.

Blue-and-yellow symbolism of Trinity became typical for our ancestors. It means fire (yellow color) and water (blue color). Thus blue-and-yellow Ukrainian flag as well as Trident symbolize triune power of world creation or Trinity.

In the shop “Ukrainian Souvenirs” you will find various souvenirs with images of elements of national Ukrainian symbolism such as flags and pennants, ornamental plates and wooden table tridents. Among variety of our souvenir production you’ll be offered lots of products with images of traditional symbolism of Kharkov including famous Horn of plenty – one of the elements of Kharkov’s Emblem.

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