Українські сувеніри

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Our shop assortment includes various souvenirs made by the best Ukrainian craftsmen. In the shop «Ukrainian Souvenirs» you can find work of art which will be wonderful gift for any event.

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National clothes

Characteristic feature of traditional Ukrainian clothes is its pictorial design which reflects high level of production culture. National clothes not only protected from rain and cold, but also had symbolic significance. It determined ethnic, social, professional belonging and age of its bearers. Clothes are associated with people’s spiritual life, customs and ceremonies. It is one of the most important ethnic sign.

At the same time national Ukrainian clothes are the arts and crafts. All components of the national clothes personify imagination of the national craftsmen.

In the shop “Ukrainian Souvenirs” you can buy various embroidered shirts, skirts, traditional Ukrainian wide trousers, cardigans, festive attires, modern embroidered blouses, Ukrainian wreathes and other kinds of the traditional Ukrainian clothes and accessories. Everyone can find elegant stuff for himself. Artistic groups can select fine attire for their performances. Modern fashionable women and dandies will easily find wonderful exclusive embroidered shirts and blouses.

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